We ride our bikes far and raise money for education.


Bikes 4 Books is a series of bike rides organized to raise money and awareness for Educational Based Non-Profits. 

We ride our bikes long distances to collect money and raise awareness for our partner organizations.

This year for our 7th ride, we are partnering with Center for Mutual Aid (Proyecto Apoyo Mutuo) in Mariana, Puerto Rico, helping them give new life to an abandoned school building. Mariana, located in the mountainous regions of Humacao and Yabucoa, was the first community to feel the impact of the Category 5 storm in September of 2017.  

2018 Goal

Raise money for the restoration and repurposing of a local middle school in order to build a center that houses volunteers, hosts cultural events and promotes the cultural growth in the Mariana community, right in the south east corner of the Puerto Rico, where category 5 hurricane Maria entered with full force destroying everything in its path.