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Mutual Aid Project


Mutual Aid Project

Proyecto Apoyo Mutuo (PAM)  is a mutual aid disaster relief initiative in Mariana, Puerto Rico born in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. Mariana, located in the mountainous regions of Humacao and Yabucoa, the first community to feel the impact of Category 5 Hurricane María

Center for Imagination

Center for Imagination is the structure, formerly known as Escuela Intermedia Juan de Dios, that is being transformed into a solar powered community center with class rooms for workshops, high speed wireless internet, an open access library, temporary housing for volunteers, laundromat, art gallery and a café. 

The project's self-governance model is rooted in transgenerational solidarity, a non-currency-based exchange system, and entrepreneurship as facilitating healing from trauma. In this way the rural community strengthens its creativity, ingenuity, resiliency and environmental stewardship while creating a foundation to navigate climate disasters and bounce back from them.